Consider becoming an investor in AGAPE ENTERTAINMENT. Movies are one of the most powerful culture shapers, as well as guardians of our children, that exist today. What children see in repitition is what they become. Our country and our world is in desperate need for positive, redemptive, uplifting stories of hope and faith and happiness. Despite your religious affiliation, there's no argument that this is true and urgent. Unfortunately, less of these kinds of movies are being made, and the results are evident with our culture's decline from moral and ethical standards to an increase in heinious headlines on the covers of newspapers and the terrible breaking news on our televisions every week. We can make a difference. We can turn the tide and tell our culture that love, joy, peace, kindness, and triumph still exist, and that we can be heros in our own lives everyday, despite the difficulties life puts in our path.

In addition to this personal challenge to make a difference in this world, we have an opportunity to financially capitalize on a growing need and demand in the market place for well-made, inspiring movies for children and families. In a time when the economy is shifting, security is scarce, the dollar is losing value, and companies are downsizing, we have an industry that actually succeeds in times just like these. As it turns out, an investment in a family film is more secure and has less risk than betting on the stock market, or worse, letting it lose money in a savings account. On the low end, it can return 10-15%, dollar for dollar. On the high end, it can produce returns upwards of thousands of % on investment. But only if we raise the money needed. We would love to have you partner with us and enjoy the ride. It's already begun. Thank you.