Tennison Hopps – The Synopsis

 “New Mexico Territory, 1889”

Tennison Hopps (16)  returned home on a late afternoon after a long days work on his father’s ranch, and entered his house hoping for a warm meal and a relaxing evening with his family. What he found instead is a person’s greatest nightmare… the bodies of his mother and father, lifeless on the kitchen floor, murdered. Desperately searching the ranch for his brother Spencer (10), he tripped over his father’s ranch hand lying in the dirt, shot and dying fast. His last words... “They took Spencer…”

What does a young man do when he has lost everything? Immediately, Tennison leaves, setting out on the quest of his life to find his brother Spencer and rescue him from the hands of his family's killer... with no idea who it might be.

Samuel Hopps (55) was the elder brother to Tennison’s father Daniel, though 18 years of silence between them has made him a memory. The years have left Sam committed to the whiskey in his glass, and the barstool he lives on. Tennison learns that his only hope for finding his brother lies with his uncle who keeps the secret of Daniel Hopps’ past. It is this information that should tell him who did this, and where they have taken Spencer. The question is, will Sam help, or will he continue his life of cowardice, leaving Tennison hopeless.

Along his journey, Tennison meets Mexico (15), a young Mexican cowboy with his own bag of problems, on the run from a violent group of banditos, hoping to find his own way to a new life. A unique and meaningful friendship is born, and the two accompany each other  along the dangerous and lonely ride north.

When Sam is forced to concede, a misfit trio emerges looking like a recipe for disaster. But a young boy is out there somewhere, alone and scared, and deserves to return home to the only family he has left. Crossing deadly Apache country, raging whitewater rivers, the gut wrenching torment of loss, and news of a bounty on their head, they push on through the cold winter nights. As they do, relationships are found that will be relied upon for life… or death, especially on the heels of a murderous outlaw. 

Tennison Hopps is a heart-felt, family drama in the vein of great films like Legends of the Fall and A River Runs Through It, with the style and grit of 3:10 to Yuma. It’s a story of a life lost, and found. And the simple prayer asked of God in an empty, whitewashed, New Mexico chapel, may be the key to two brother’s greatest disaster, and greatest victory.

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